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Default Re: What got you started playing drums?

How did I get started?

I was quite a tearaway when I was younger, the area I grew up is not the most salubrious. My father got tired of the police bringing me home so he bought me a kit at 13, with the words "If you're going to hit something; hit these." Along with rugby and boxing, a brilliant way to channel my aggression at the time and the rest is, as they say, history.

As for your questions:

Music- Motorhead, Dead Kennedys, Pistols, Damned, Venom, Tank etc.
Drummer- Has to be Phil Taylor, I so wanted to play for Motorhead. Nowadays, anyone I can steal an idea from!! ;-)
Person- My father and his insight.
Style- Anything now, but when I started; Punk, Thrash, Hardcore etc.
Inspirations- Dave Howarth, my first drum teacher, and being able to sight read 'Love Me Do' by The Beatles without knowing the song first. That was my epiphany.
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