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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by Paul Quin
I truly disagree with several of these posts. Gadd has a better technique than just about anyone. He has better and more chops than just about anyone. He is more innovative and imaginative than just about anyone. And there is no-one more musical and more solid.

Remember, however, that just because you can do stuff, however, doesn't mean you should. That is what makes Gadd such a great drummer. He always does what is necessary for the song and no more. There are many musical cliches which have more than an essence of truth: One particularly appropriate for Gadd is "it's not what you put in its what you leave out."

For those who are unsure about his technique and chops listen to some of the stuff he has done with Chick Corea and Chuck Mangione as well as some of his solo work with the Gadd Gang. For his inventiveness and ability to stay within the pocket listen to some of his work with Rickie Lee Jones - even stuff like Chuck E's in Love is absolutely masterful. Most people are familiar with 50 Ways and with Aja (both of which are remarkable pieces) but there is so more.

He has playing at an incredibly high level for years and years. Even his work with James Taylor (check out "October Road") is truly an artist at work. And all this for a man whose first hit was playing on the Hustle!

I think he is a "deep" player and the more you listen to him the more you learn to appreciate his playing and his overwhelming musicality. Comparing Drummers is never a useful exercise but I believe there is no one better, more musical or more versatile.

Just my opinion, but one shared, I suspect, by many who are members of the "been playing more than 20 years club."

Agreed. He has a touch and sense of musicality that is not often seen. I look at the majority of drummers coming on the scene in the latest bands and then look at Steve and just shake my head.
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