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Originally Posted by CBC View Post
Thanks friends.
It is not only a prety drum, my olive drums also sounds awesome. Someday i will upload a video.
I'm just not sure if i should varnish my drums. For the moment i just put Teak Oil because i want my drums to be as much natural. Any opinion???
Varnish (if we have the translation correct) certainly no. A lacquer might look good, but a stave drum sings best when not coated with layers of acrylic or whatever. A lacquer just adds to the mass.

I would advise keeping the external finish natural, as a regular treatment of teak oil will help keep the wood from shrinking too much. I notice you've turned rerings into the drum. That's fine, but they're not as good at keeping the shell round as rerings made with the grain running around the shell. It's the difference in grain direction that helps counter warpage. Nothing to concern yourself about, so long as you keep the shells well oiled & don't expose them to extremes.

Again, the olive looks beautiful - great stuff!!!!!
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