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Default Re: What got you started playing drums?

My musical career began with the clarinet. I got ribbed quite a bit for it, so I switched to the drums. Learning to read music has always been helpful and I am glad I began with the clarinet, although I rarely looked back until my son began to play a couple years ago. He is very good and decided to switch to the saxophone, where he also excels.

Sorry, forgot these...

Music- ELP without a doubt has had the most influence on my drumming and music preferences
Drummer- Carl Palmer of course. However, Carl Albrecht (Christian drummer for Paul BeLoche) has taught me more about the nuances of drumming where being the quickest and loudest is not best, but playing with discipline, musically and enhancing the music with the tools you have is what matters most.
Person- Mom, she also said if I had to hit something, hit these.
Style- I play rock, soul and ballads most of the time, but also love Funk and Jazz
Inspirations- I began as a teenager, fast, loud, and jamming for hours. A 20 year break found me on stage at a Baptist church. I cannot describe that feeling of drumming while simultaneously worshiping. It is indescribable.


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