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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name? Jeff
Age? 48 (Yikes that looks high)
How long have you been playing? Since 14 yo, off and on.
Origin of user name? I am a die-hard Longhorn fan, Class of '94, Hook'em!!
Your top 5 drummers? Carl Palmer, Neil Peart, Phil Collins, Jeff Porcaro and Buddy Rich
Make of drumkit? Yamaha Stage Custom
Make of cymbal? Wuhan
Where do you practice? Home
Are you in a band? Not currently
Do you play covers or originals? Yes
What style of music? Christian, Progressive, Jazz, Rock, Blues and most anything else
Favourite take out food? Anything from Rudy's BBQ
What country do you live in? The good ol' US of A
One really odd fact about yourself? Despite suffering from 2 major injuries to my left hand (Uncle Sam's Army and later a crush injury), I am better than I have ever been at rudiments, stick discipline and mature drumming overall.
How did you start drumming? Shortly after I learned playing the clarinet, I also learned it was not socially acceptable for a 12-13 yo, then I switched to drums.
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