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Default Re: DW 9000 pedal users please chime in...

Originally Posted by BigDinSD View Post
I'd say (like Bo) that the spring adjustment inside the post is the only gripe I have with it. If you tell that to the DW reps, they'll bombard you verbally with the smoothness you get by attaching a spring to the cam. Anyways though, it is a buttery smooth pedal. I use the chain, but it's now on the practice pad after moving to the Tricks.

I've always wondered the advantages of a strap to a chain?
After years of settling on the chain, I've finally moved back to a strap sometime earlier this year and have been loving it. It just feels a bit lighter and when I go to slam, it really feels like it. With how strong they're making straps these days, I doubt I'd ever go back to using a chain linkage. I've de-modified a Tama Iron Cobra Jr. by putting a cam and a strap on it, and when I went to a new Iron Cobra, I got the Flexi-Glide with the strap. Both amazing feels.
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