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Default Re: Your stick preferences and why.

I've never analysed my stick choice so much. It'd be nice to have enough cash to try everything to find out what I like. I think I like a long 5A, as far as I know. Maybe I would like something better for some unknown reason. Am I looking for something? Hard to say... Maybe there is something unknown to me that I haven't even considered yet.

I am kinda going back and forth on the ProMark 747 hickory and the VF 5AN extreme. I like that extra length. I even hold the sticks at the very ends sometimes, all loosey-goosey at times. I like nylon tips for the same reason as you. They are a little different on these two stick styles. The VF has a shorter taper and a smaller tip, and the PM has a long taper and a bigger tip. It's hard to say which sticks suit me better.

Forgot to mention that on the practice pad I just use the standard Vic Firth 5A wood tip sticks. They feel just fine in my hand. I guess I've been playing 5A diameter for so long that anything else just feels weird. I played 5B for awhile, but I switched to 5A about 20 years ago when I started playing faster. There are a few reasons: 1. they're always available no matter where you go 2. I don't break cymbals anymore 3. the sticks are heavy enough to play anything I've ever needed to play - fast, slow, heavy, light 4. I don't ever get blisters anymore even using just bare sticks with no grip stuff 5. The stores sell these VF sticks in the $5 bargain bucket with the store name branded onto them. The ones I have are branded with Professional Drum Shop on them, but I saw the exact same sticks in Sam Ash too that obviously say Sam Ash on it. I'm sure quite a few stores buy these 5A sticks from Vic Firth and have their company name put on them.
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