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Lets tell eachother what cymbals we have and how much we love each one!!!!

-Zildjian 17" K hybrid crash (just got this cymbal; we have taken a real shine to eachother)

-Zildjian 22" A custom Sweet Ride (In love with this cost me a few organs, my dog, and my wife, but it was oh so worth it)

-Miscellaneous 18" crash (had this cymbal for years and years, it doesnt seem to have a brand and it is filthy, but the sound is not bad at and this old ruffler have seen eachother through things)

-Zildjian A custom 13" Hats (me and these cymbals are close friends....before I had these corkers, I had the most awful hi-hat you could think of, so coming onto these zildjians was like having Jesus pull you out of hell and into heaven)

-Zildjian 16" ZHT China (Not bad, not bad at all....certainly nothing special, but it does the job...thinking of getting a Wuhan)

And finally, my dream cymbal:
21" Zildjian K Dark Complex Ride

btw, the dream cymbal is the one I want, not one that I have

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