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Default Stick Preferences and why

I like my stick to be fatter so I don't have to tighten my grip to much to hold it. If I use a stick with slightly less girth than my hand makes when it is relaxed I barely have to use any muscle to grip it which makes everything looser and feel better. I guess it's why I like fat pens to write with. Using all those tiny muscles to write and grip a skinny pen or pencil hurts after a while.

I like my stick to have a long taper so when the stick strikes an object the stick gives slightly (maybe a millimeter or so) which takes any extra vibration out of it and also makes the stick bounce back off of the drum very fast because in theory it should give a little then straighten back out throwing itself back off the drum. Feels very nice and aids a drummer who uses rebound. Short tapered sticks are so rigid feeling that when I use them I feel like my hand is being electrocuted. Long tapered feels like a nice ride in a cadiliac.

Nylon tips for their response and sound on cymbals (don't have to work as hard to get the ride sounds out of cymbals).

I like them to be around 16 inches or shorter. Very long sticks feel unbalanced and awkward.

My stick at this moment which fits what I explained is Regal Tip 5A. They are similar to Joe Morrelos Pro Mark sig sticks which is what I played before I moved to Regal

Anybody else a stick nut like me?

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