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Default Re: DW 9000 pedal users please chime in...

Originally Posted by huskytool View Post
Yup it sure does count.
Well, you'll think I'm being negative about the pedal, but I was into it and it has a great feel. But the engineering sorta turned me off when I tried to deal with the spring on the inside of the post (as opposed to the outside where you can get to it. Everytime I wanted to make an adjustment to the spring tension, I had to take the pedal off the bass drum to fiddle with it. It looked cool upon first inspection but in practice it was a PITA. I quickly went back to using my ol' standby, the DW5000 pedal, and then eventually left DW altogether for simpler equipment.

But the 9000 feels really good and solid, as do all DW pedals. I just miss when they were this small company and they just bought the Camco design. If you look at the original Camco pedal and compare it to todays' 9000, alot of over-engineering has happened.
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