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I'm a big fan. The guy can count and has amazing skills to go along with it. I recently acquired 1 of the 10 somewhere back in time kits made by Premier, unfortunately having a replica of his kit didn't make me play like him. I guess we all need inspiration. I've never seen Maiden and I'm sure my chances are dwindling, but hopefully someday I'll meet Nicko at his restaurant in Florida. If you want to see some up close and educational stuff, YouTube Rock n' Roll ribs. Nicko plays with some guys for the grand opening with cameras right there. Way better shots than Maiden vids where you get a whole 10/1000th of a second clip of him playing those mad fills. It would be nice if they kept a camera on the drummers a little longer. I hope he does more educational stuff, mainly with his foot technique. The guy has a ton to offer the drumming community. UpTheIrons
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