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Originally Posted by fourstringdrums
Are you sure it was Keith's drumming and not the termites?
Ye sWHen Keith tried out for his first band, The Beachcombers, ( he tried out for this band like three times i think) he hit so hard that his blue Premier kit that he borrowed start to go through the floor. This prompted Keith to Tie down is kit for a while, then he started to use what looked like a hollow box, but it was actally a solid wooden block, to keep his kit from falling through the floor.
If you are at all interested in Keith Moon, or the Who, i suggest buying the book Moon, its like 400 page long, but its alla bout experiencing the who from keiths perspective, and it tralks about Kim, jis wife, and Mandy, his daughter, its a great book, ful of knowledge
God bless KEITH MOON
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