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Anthony Amodeo
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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

if any of you have never heard this......and even those who have

take 9:49 and treat yourself to some of the .....if not THE best drumming you will ever hear in your life.......and I'm dead serious

listen to a 17 year old Anthony Williams display the most unbelievable talent I have ever heard

his playing as an accompanist is absolutely amazing, inspiring, forward moving and thinking , and unbelievably unique

his solo in this tune is like nothing that had been heard at that point in 1963......seriously mind blowing

I mean......Elvin, Art, Bunker, Grady Tate, Roy, and a few other cats were playing some out stuff....but nothing like what Tony plays here

no matter how many times I hear this tune over the years blows my mind every time

this to me is the absolute epitome of drumming and needs to be celebrated because Tony changed everything and shaped drumming as we know it today

enjoy this

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