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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

Originally Posted by bobacwrd View Post
I presently own a DW 9000 Dbl pedal, DW 5000 Dbl pedal, DW 8000 Dbl pedal, Pearl Eliminator Dbl pedal, Tama Iron Cobra Dbl pedal, Trick Dbl Pro V-1 pedal and recently purchased the Ludwig Atlas Pro Double pedal. Out of all the double pedals I own, I find the new Atlas Pro pedal to be the smoothest, fastest, most accomodating of the lot. They all have their inherant qualities but if I had to make a choice out of the bunch on which one I would ultimately choose to take to a gig or recording session, I would take the Atlas Pro pedal. Not only is the manufacturing quality top rate (as are the others) but the feel and aesthetics are also the best IMHO. Though a pedal will not necessarily make you a better drummer per say, I feel that features offered but the Ludwig Atlas Pro enhances what talents I already bring to the table. Price wise the Atlas pro is comparable to that of the DW 9000. Definately not a cheap pedal but then again it will depend on what pricepoint you are at. A truley professional piece of equipment to say the least.
They look's great to see Ludwig putting out some quality hardware. I personally love the Iron Cobra.........been using them for years with no complaints.
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