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Originally Posted by DWDrummer
This question I would like to be answered by the experienced Adminstrators rather than one sided musicians. In the Funky Primer by Charles Dowd, he stresses the importance of musicianship. He explains that musicianship is the respect by a musician towards all branches of music (jazz,rock.etc). If people like Dowd despise Travis Barker type drummers, then isn't he contradicting his stressing of the importance of musicianship by hating pop rock?
It's hard to answer that question based on a paraphrase of his original statement. If I could read the actual quote, taken in the original context, then I would be happy to give you my impression of whether or not he was contradicting himself.

DW, I would like to point out that this conversation is getting off topic. The purpose of this section of the forum is to discuss specific drummers, and the purpose of this thread is to discuss Travis Barker. If you'd like to PM someone, there's no need to mention it here, and if you'd like to start a discussion about a new subject, please feel free to start a new thread in the proper forum section. Thanks.
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