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Default Re: New member!

Welcome to the forum.

I haven't checked out your videos (at least not yet) and regardless of what magnificent drummer you may be (and regardless of how unmagnificent/nobodyish a drummer I am) - but...

DON'T create multiple threads on the same stuff - as you did with a video of yours. (That's why I had to delete those. You did read the forum rules, didn't you.)

And please select the sections where to post stuff into ACCORDINGLY. In a nutshell - use some common sense. I'd hate to have to remind you once more.

To add up: You already posted a video in the My Playing section. This section is to actually get some info on you - "Introduce Yourself"... which you didn't. So why don't you actually introduce yourself other that "I'm new to the forum" - just a suggestion. And keep posting any videos (unless they're e.g. technique related so they might fit into the Technique section) into the My Playing section.

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