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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Max Roach
age? 19
how long been playing? Played semi often for about 4 years, took a year off,
origin of user name? It's my name....=\
top 5 drummers? I dont have a top top 5 influences are Mike Portnoy, Dave Weckl, Jack Dejohnette, Nate Smith, and Bobby Jarzombek.
make of drumkit? Rasberry Taye ProX
make of cymbal? B8 Crash (not as bad as it seems =\), Jack Dejohnette Encore Ride
where do you practice? At school
are you in a band/s? A hip hop band which we're taking on the road soon, and I freelance around town playing mostly jazz and other stuff that's needed.
covers or originals? Trying with originals with the hip hop band, and definitely covers (standards) with jazz.
what style of music? Hip hop / jazz / other
favourite take out food? CHINESE ! ! ! !.....but I'd rather cook =\
country? Canada baby.
one really odd fact about yourself? Uhm ... my name is Max Roach and I didn't know the first thing about Jazz until September of 2004.......
how did you start drumming? I used to drum every now and then in a gospel church when I was young, but I'd say I really started in about grade 10 (5 years ago) when my friend showed me Dream Theater. I was blown away at the whole time signature deal and just ran with that. We formed a prog rock original band and played some DT covers and stuff and it really improved my playing.