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Jay, I'd love to be around when you get the BA's going - my favourite cocktail.

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
I was wondering about these E-cigs, are they as good as your post suggest, I could probably try them out, it's better than smoking real cigarettes, I'm planning to quit smoking, but it was a tough period recently, not the best time to quit, tell me more Grea...
Yes, not the time to quit, for sure. My nephew started with them but I have to say that he's back on the cigs, so they obviously lack something.

Best I did was go to the health retreat. Away from my routines and triggers in a supportive atmosphere. Also I could quit the nico gum crutch and go nico free without losing friends and ruining my (probably barely existent) reputation.

I still used the gum for a week with no drama but the first day away without any nicotine was probably the first time in my life, snce I've had nico in my system since the womb. I got very dark and bawled my eyes out in my (hopefully soundproofed) room for hours. Then I was scheduled to do some vigorous workouts and I felt tons better afterwards. I've been fair-to-middling since but, as any ex smoker will tell you, the urges don't go away, but they do reduce in frequency and intensity

Some people do it easy, some don't.

Here's a great line I picked up from the retreat ... pertinent to drumming as well as real life ...

Tension is who you think you should be, but relaxation is who you are.
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