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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
This whole thing has as I thought it would,turned into a media circus.The first 8 pages of the NY Daily news are all about the shootings.The race to the sensational story is the mission of the day.

How can these poor people even begin to heal a wound that will remain open for some time.Living in the same town as that school will be a constant reminder of this tragety.

Haven't they milked every single mile out of this story.Leave these people alone....a community has to begin the healing process and that can't begin till these humanoid vultures, stop picking at the carcus,and let these folks alone.

My subscription to the NY Daily news trash tabloid,media story bending,made up fact nonsense rag, is here by cancelled.

Steve B
I agree with that. The media is invading people's privacy and doing nothing but make it worse for the victims families. While I am not sticking up for his family or friends, don't you think they should stop bothering people who knew the killer. If his family is even halfway normal, they are upset beyond measure about what he did, you think they need the media going after them for what they may have had nothing to do with? There should be police investigations and they need to look at what has happened in this guy's past, but that is not the media's job. This country (and I'm sure many others) would probably be better off without the media. They tell lies and make it worse for victims, and everyone else by doing this.
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