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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

You have read my posts in this thread that reflect some of my personal experiences of the Newtown tragedy.
My perspective was of someone who is in between the outsiders of the mass media and the people who actually live in the town.
I am just an average man who has worked in the town for over 30 years who knows many people there.
I experience the people of Newtown as they really are. They tell me things that they would never say to the press.
I have had to hold back and not repeat many of the things that I have heard.

The mass media reports anything that is told to them. They don't check it out, they just repeat it in a hope of being the first to say it. They can always retract it later.
They reported that the Father of the shooter was killed. They reported that the shooters brother was arrested. They reported that the shooters mother was a teacher at the school.
They reported many things that simply weren't true.

Remember that whenever you watch the news.
They really don't get the whole story. They are outsiders.
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