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Originally Posted by Otto View Post
Making the posession of something illegal is a way to bolster the profit margin of a smaller number of producers and/or protect competing markets.

Prohibition has never worked to truly keep a product out of the hands of the public.

The 18th amendment didn't work because the general public wanted to keep drinking.It was passed because of pressure from religious womens groups.Many lives were lost and ruined in the fight to enforce prohibition.And the bad guys still made truck loads of money...including the Kennedys(yes those Kennedys).

Actually that's somewhat true.Growers will have to hire additional employees also in order to meet the increased demand for product.This will actually create jobs in a totally new job market,in the US at least,so they will reap some reward from that.........and I have no problem at all with it.Local farmers working hard for their money,getting thier hands dirty is all right with me..

This will also increase revenew on the city,state and federal level.NY state current charges approx.13 dollars per gallon of taxed alcohol,and a slightly lower tax on wine and beer.

In NY City last year alone NY realized 23 million in taxed alcohol products.

Currently,the illegal production and use of "moon shine"dosen't make a dent in the legal production of alcohol.Under US law,you are allowed to make your own beer,wine or licquor.

Growing and selling pot legally should be taxed at the same rate,which will reap billions of dollars in revenue.The cost of law enforcement,prosecution and care of inmates arrested for use/possession and sale,will plummit,adding additional billions to federal,state and city war chests.

All this additional money can now be used to repair our crumbling infrastructure,reduce over crowded prision populations,reinstitute social programs and be put to good use in our education systems.Maybe even bringing back public school music programs.That in and of itself,is good enough for me.

Steve B

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