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Default Re: Pushing the envelope of this forum, non drum related

Originally Posted by Lunar Satellite Brian View Post
paid forum?

Do you even know how the internet works?

No way in hell anyone would pay to be a part of a forum, there are tons of other forums almost identical to this one but with less members, everyone would simply migrate there.
The best I can figure out aout the internet is that it works through advertising. And yes, I do belong to a paid forum called Nikonians for Nikon camera users. The atmosphere there is one of collaboration and helpfulness (the way Drummerworld can be at times). However my point still stands that the forum rules here are grossly ignored.

"The original purpose of the Off Topic forum was to discuss subjects that were musical in nature but not necessarily drum-related. We have allowed a bit of leeway with this definition, but we have discovered through trial and error what fits here and what doesn't. Please do not discuss extremely trivial matters. Do not post jokes or poetry. Do not discuss politics or religion"
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