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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

A local business owner told me that he spent an hour making the 3 min drive from his home to his office. When he got there there were several media trucks in his parking lot setting up to broadcast. He told them that they were on private property and they had to leave.
A news employee took out a roll of cash and he began to offer him a number of $100 dollar bills to allow them to stay.
The business owner told them that he didn't want their money, he just wanted them to leave.
The news employee was persistent about paying for parking. The business owner kept pushing the money away. The media employee dropped the bills on the ground and he walked away to move the truck hoping that the business owner would pick up the cash and reconsider.
The Business owner picked up the cash and he opened the door of a motor home type vehicle that was being used for the reporter and support staff.
He threw the cash inside of the motor home as they moved away.

Several Ma and Pa stores in Sandy Hook are in danger of going out of business because people simply can't get there. The constant traffic from spectators is keeping patrons away. Cars from all over just keep on arriving to parade down to the area where the shrine is by the river. It never stops 24 hours a day.
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