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Hey Guys.
I'm revisiting some of my old posts. I'm very sorry if I came off sounding like a jerk. I just got too emotional with this one. I'll explain myself. I just got mad because it seems like everyone out there always bashes Appice. It seems that everyone acts like he's an amateur who deserves no respect. I don't see it that way. In my personal opinion I just think Appice is somewhat underrated. I think he's very talented on the drums and he's done a lot for the drums over the years. He's very funky for being a "whiteboy"(no disrespect intended). I still think Modern Drummer should put him in their "Drum Hall Of Fame". For the last fourteen years or so, it seems like they have been putting in all of the famous rock drummers from the 60's and 70's that they did not put in the hall of fame in the 80's and 90's. Appice is a famous and influential drummer from that era, that's why I'm surprised he's not in yet. That being said, I'm sure that M.D. would never put in Bill Ward, Ian Paice or Aynsley Dunbar(three other rock heavyweights from that era).

And I meant no disrespect to John Bonham. I respect the hell out of him on drums. He's been one of my influences. Awesome right foot! He was definitely groundbreaking and revolutionary on drums. Major respect from me. I just feel that there were some other drummers from his era that were more technical and talented on drums than he was.

I agree with you guys that it is kind of annoying that Appice seems like he's a "drum endorsement slut" or whatever the term is. But I bet that he's got some amazing gear stored away from all his years playing professional drums. Take care. Later.
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