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Originally Posted by tambian89
Bittner is very well-educated; never forget that. As Shadows Fall has released only 5 albums, we have yet to know the full extent of his drumming. Look at Dave Lombardo of Slayer; if one were to compare the drumming on Show No Mercy to that of Seasons in the Abyss, the difference is incredible.

- Marc

And he, I believe has only played with them on 2 releases.

Alot of people are comparing him to Chris Alder, but I think if you look at both Bittner and Alder, Bittner is a better drummer IMHO. Chris Alder's playing is very one deminsional, he has the same type of playing on most of LoG's songs. It is different from other bands but he over uses the same kick pattern all the time. Same thing with fills. If you look at Bittner's playing though you can see that there is alot more knowledge and creativity to his playing. Go watch the Alder and Bittner videos on this site and you can see the difference in their playing abilities.
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