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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

Originally Posted by badgerfromsaturn View Post
what do you expect?????'s the f-in internet!
good grief. just a lame attempt at trying to be better than everyone else.

welcome to the ego show

Everything here has been very civil and it's not like this thread is going to bring back the dead children. It's absolutely horrific..THAT is something we can all agree on.

Let's ban guns, then we'll ban knives and then we'll ban spoons and before long we will ban keys. Where are the men in this world? Why have they become a bad crop of little boys who don't know how to be respectful of others and most importantly how to treat women? Women no longer get married to a strong man..they basically marry a child to raise. The family dynamic and morality in this world is suffering the wrath of selfishness. Culture has changed and we're too busy looking at our smartphones to adapt and balance the loss of morality. We just keep breeding more selfishness. No body knows how to love and respect their neighbor anymore.
Thanks badger, this is what I wast trying to say in an earlier post of mine, but you said it much better.
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