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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

Wow,,, back from jazz practice in Sandy Hook,,, We practice at the house of our flute/alto sax player.
He lives a few blocks from the school.
Anyway, we all arrived at practice at 7PM. We smiled at each other as we individually walked into the basement studio like we always do on Thurs night.
Our Trumpet player still wasn't ready for social activity and he emailed us earlier and told us that he wasn't coming.
We had to enter the neighborhood from a direction that doesn't pass by the school. Security is still tight and no one drives by the school.
Kind of ironic to think about how security is employed to protect the evidence of a horrific crime and the not people.

We spoke mainly of positive things like how much is being donated by sympathetic people from all over the world to aid the families of the victims. Mostly pleasant things with a few stupid jokes thrown in for comic relief.
We then all tuned our instruments.

Someone called the tune, "It Don't Mean A Thing" to warm up.
I counted us in,,, 1,, 2,, 1,2,3,Well It Don't Mean A Thing...,,, we hit the first note and off we flew into a memorable session.
I mean, we were really nailing stuff down when we played. It didn't matter if it was a Swing Tune, A Ballad, A Funk Tune. We all hit it with feeling and dynamics.
We felt freakin good for a change!!! None of us had felt good since last Friday and it was fine to feel good for a few hours.

We talked about our upcoming New Years Eve gig at the senior center of the neighboring town. We ended practice and we simply said goodnight, and see you all next week.
Life goes on, I imagine???
We all wanted to say more than we did but we are just so worn out that we just needed to have a night without grief.
At least,,, I think that is why we didn't say much to each other??
I kind of like old drums:)

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