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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
All well said by DMC. I would own a gun for the same reason. BUt banning large clips, and semi-automatic weapons will not work now with the amount that have already been sold. If you are required to turn them in, the law abiding citizens will do so. They are not the problem. It's the criminal element that will never abide by such rules. I would like to see from this day forward, every weapon sold, traded or whatever have to be registerrd at the state level. Keep the US govt. out of it. They couldn't keep Fast and Furious safe. And putting Joe Biden in charge of a committee is ridiculous. Google Delaware gun laws, where Biden is from and see what is up. Nothing is registered at all. Joe has to clean his own house first.
I think most gun owners, like you and I, support reasonable restrictions, narrowly drawn to protect the public in some specific way. The stereotype that all gun owners are lunatics is wrong - as is the stereotype that someone who wants any reasonable restriction must be intent on banning all guns. Most people own guns and are OK with some restrictions. Unfortunately, the extremes get all the attention and the rational majority in the middle has no one to represent them.

As far as banning large capacity clips, where to you think criminals get theirs? They either buy them or steal them from law abiding citizens, or from other criminals. If we ban these clips, their numbers will gradually decrease.
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