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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
All well said by DMC. I would own a gun for the same reason. BUt banning large clips, and semi-automatic weapons will not work now with the amount that have already been sold. If you are required to turn them in, the law abiding citizens will do so. They are not the problem. It's the criminal element that will never abide by such rules. I would like to see from this day forward, every weapon sold, traded or whatever have to be registerrd at the state level. Keep the US govt. out of it. They couldn't keep Fast and Furious safe. And putting Joe Biden in charge of a committee is ridiculous. Google Delaware gun laws, where Biden is from and see what is up. Nothing is registered at all. Joe has to clean his own house first.
I agree that banning large capacity magazines is a measure that in real life application ...does NOTHING.The bad guy will just buy more magazines,to compensate .So instead of one 15 round magazine,the'll just carry two 10 round mags,or three 5 round mags.

With a little practice,you can reload a semi-auto in about 3 seconds.Pro target shooters can do it in about 1 second or less.When I was competitivly shooting police revolver,using speed loaders, I could reload in between one and two seconds and be back on target..

I agree with keeping the feds out of it,but the US government should help foot the bill.Keeping things on a state and municipal lever would exert a greater degree of monitoring of transactions and ownership.It would also insure that firearms and ammo were being safely stored,and kept away from innocent children as well as the psyco bad guys.

Steve B
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