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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Agreed. Can't do much to stop the crooks.

But what if a mother was made to exercise far more stringent control over a ready made arsenal sitting in a cupboard just waiting for her idiot son to access so easily?
That's exactly what I'm talking about.Responsible firearms a ...change.Once you make an informed decision to legally posess a firearm,you must also agree to all the rules...not just the ones you like,that go along with safe and responsible ownership.You have to change the way you think to the same degree that you do when you bring a child into the world.Target shooting can be a lot of fun,but when it comes to securing my firearms,and safety I'm as serious as a heart attack.

In order to get a consealed carry,or target pistol permit,you must complete a training course usually given by local law inforcement.I hate saying this,but cops and the military shoot each other all the time.Safety takes a back seat to some commonly employed tactics,and some of this attitude bleeds through in their instruction.

That attitide is idiotic and has no place in proper training.Guns are suppose to be kept in a locked steel box or safe....and the ammunition is suppose to be stored in a seperate locked container.The only exception is when you're actually carrying a gun,at a range or hunting..leaving guns in an unlocked cabinet with available ammo it a recipe for disaster.

In NYC,the NYPD license section makes you take photos of trigger locks on all of your guns,and the firearms safe in which the'll be stored.They must acompany a notorized document when you renew your permit.The NYPD also checks on gun owners to make sure you are in compliance.This is a condition of ownership.Normally it would violate you constitutional rights,but by agreeing to firearm ownership,you waive that right,under very narrow circunstances.

I think that it's actually a smart thing to do,and if the local LEOs where this woman who had the guns did this,there is a possibility that this tragedy could have been avoided.If this humanoid couldn't get her guns,who knows what might have happened.

Plenty of common sense rules were broken.

Steve B

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