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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
From an outsider's perspective, the American attitude towards guns is absolutely crazy. Would I like to own a rifle for target shooting in a controlled environment? Sure. It's fun. Would I like to own a rifle at home for no reason other than my own soundness of mine against some ephemeral 'bad guys'? Hell no.
That statement would be valid only if there were some uniform "American attitude towards guns." I keep two pistols in the house, a revolver and a small capacity semi auto, unloaded and secured and out of reach of the children. I believe the framers of the Constitution wanted Americans to be free to own arms generally, so that if there were a need to call people up to serve in a formal militia, then citizens would have some familiarity with firearms.

At the same time, I do support reasonable restrictions. I think weapons that can fire too rapidly, and large capacity magazine clips (whether the goofily menacing "assault weapons" or something else) should be banned. If you can't hit something with six shots, then you need to practice at the shooting range, not spray more bullets. There is simply no need in hunting or self-protection to have a weapon capable of such overkill. Also, if you are clinically depressed, a mental defective or have some other condition that could reasonably affect your judgment with regard to the use of a firearm, you should have your guns confiscated until a mental health professional clears you.

So, don't assume there's some kind of uniform attitude among gun owners. Many, like me, don't follow the radical agenda of the NRA and support reasonable restrictions.
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