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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

The problem with the gun issue is that the gun lobbyists have the government by the balls- not the wording of the constitution or anything as that has been beaten to death in thousands of legal cases.

Its the lobbyists. Like so many other issues.

I am actually expecting Obama to come out with something (proposed law change of some sort) after this event (sickens me to try to come up with another name for it) in Newtown. It would be unprecedented but we all agree a necessary step to take that is waaaaaaay overdue.

I have hunting guns, locked in a safe, disassembled, in a room with a deadbolt on the door, ammo in a separate case locked as well. Not so hard to set it up this way. I can hardly play a triplet but I can make guns safe.

Personally would love to see every weapon registered with local police by way of a home firearm safety inspection that would be updated every 3-5 years or so. I think it would teach gun safety, allow cops to see whats going on in a home and know who has what. I have them, store them safely and use them for enjoyment occasionally and would be fine with them knowing. I also feel that if you arent OK with this, you have something to hide and shouldn't have it. Only reason I think this might work is because no one is slated to lose their guns. A real fear obviously.

The NRA would fight that for 1000 years for whatever reason- they would drum something up as they have for most gun issues in the past.
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