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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

I don't wish to single out any particular nation because - as I alluded to earlier in this thread - firearm related deaths, be they homicide, suicide, or accidental, are a Global problem.

However I do find it curious when people cite "home defence" as reason for owning a firearm, whether they happen to be legally/morally entitled to own that weapon or not. I mean, if one happens to live in a part of the world where your home is likely to be invaded by a bear or something or you need something to stop predators attacking your livestock then fair enough. Otherwise we are talking about shooting and, by extension, potentially killing a person.

A lot of people make very bold statements about the ease with which they would happily shoot anyone who threatens their home/family/whatever but I wonder if it is always so easy. Unless that person happens to have experience of combat or at least a firefight then the likelihood of them freezing up when faced with such a confrontation is surely quite high; and there are precious few ways for civilians to train for combat. Shooting at stationary paper targets when you are at rest is one thing. Trying to fire upon a moving, living, human when you've just woken up at 3am and everyone in the house is screaming is another.
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