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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post

Andy...I just need to ask what safety catch you're refering to since all modern quality firearms have actually,numerous built in automatic,as well as manually operated safeties.The Glock pistol as an example has a safe action system which consists of a trigger safety,a half cock disconector,and a drop safety,which are built in,tamperproof and work automaticly.

Steve B
Steve, let me start by saying how informative your post was :)

I also want to point out that, although I believe most firmly that firearm proliferation is a negative factor, I also understand the scale & complexity of the issues. For starters, even if it was possible to substantially reduce firearm ownership, how the hell would you implement it. Disarming all the legally entitled people leaving the majority of firearms in the hands of criminals isn't exactly a good idea.

My information may be out of date Steve, but I remember taking a return flight from JFK a few years ago, & reading a copy of the Herald Tribune. There was an article describing a debate (I can't remember which house, senate I think) where a senator argued against mandatory fitting of safety catches on the basis it was unconstitutional. I think the issue was the NRA were fighting against mandatory measures. manufacturers are free to fit such devices, as are customers free to choose firearms with safety catches fitted. Let's face it, who wouldn't, but the NRA were opposed to it being a legal requirement to have a safety catch. If I remember correctly, the proposed legislation only applied to new guns, with no requirement to retrofit. I've no idea how it all panned out.

Major tragedy & killing spree happenings aside, I think any process has to start with accepting there's a serious problem. For one nation to have such a hugely disparate firearms related mortality rate, whilst maintaining a similar population & society demographic as their global neighbors, there must be a set of factors that set that nation aside from all the others.

I also accept the feelings of needing to defend yourself. In such a context, I totally get that, but, on a small & personal scale, in the US, you effectively have a domestic arms race in progress. When has that ever been a good policy?

I also accept that most shootings are down to those who own firearms illegally, but is it not reasonable to assume that availability with such ease is part of that issue? The more firearms out there, the easier it is to get hold of them, & let's face it, the US is awash with guns - literally.

Not my country, so time for me to shut up.

Peace to all.
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