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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

I can understand exactly how you feel.During the same time I was visiting the UK,I took the Chunnel over to Paris,and in their subways were two man armed canine patrols,with automatic assault rifles.I believe they were the National police,but their uniforms were very military in appearence.Now I'm an American,and a cop who's been around guns my whole life,and that made me give pause.This was in 2000,before the bombings of 9/11 ,and the ones in the UK.I've done warrant executions,and have been armed with a shotgun or M-4,but never on patrol.

It all changed after that.NYPD on the streets and airports with full body armor ,dogs and automatic weapons.....every day,24/7/365.

Even if you were to ban all guns......there are millions of them out there.Plenty of them are illegal guns owned by ,you guessed it,Joe criminal.There is more gun related gun crimes like robbery in NY City,because the bad guys who have the illegal guns,know that joe citizen isn't armed.Just ask them.I did,and thats the answer they will all give you.

They love it when things like this happen.It means theanti gun lobby will start shouting gun control again,and take more legaly owned guns away from Joe citizen.That just makes their job easier.It's amazing what you learn talking to prision inmates.

In a country like the US, more gun control just dosen't work,because it only affects the law abiding citizen,who does what he must legally,to posess a firearm.The bad guy or the psyco dosen't care about gun laws or permits or training.Gun control only makes their job a lot easier,because they know that when they confront you,that you won't be armed......but they will..........

Steve B

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