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Default Re: How many of you have made the jump over to guitar?

Played and studied guitar for 25 years.

Picked up the drums about 3 years ago seriously to be a better teacher in my combined teaching position. It's been the main focus and though I don't gig much as a drummer yet, more based on where I live and availability of gigs in general, teaching drums is putting just as much food on the table as teaching and playing the guitar right now.

It got a bit addictive, so practicing drums had been focused on almost as a full time job for a while now. It's highly necessary, too. The more I do this I keep remembering how hard it was and still is to find a decent drummer to play with and after getting a good perspective on the quality of drum instruction available here, there is a clear connection. I'm having fun, though it's struggle at first, we will soon have a lot more young, competent drummers in my area than has been the case before. I have drummers who have studied for years, who couldn't handle the simplest of songs, but now after just 6 months they know several styles, can count and keep time as well as improvise tastful fills in time. Very little rudiment knowledge, but we'll start digging deep into accents and doubles over new years.
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