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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

Originally Posted by Green_C View Post
I don't listen to talk radio so I was unfamiliar w/ this Alex Jones. I didn't go to school with this one.

So if I understand your earlier comments in this thread you'd like go back to the 70's or earlier and see God back in schools and homes?

Here's a Wall Street Journal article that expresses my thoughts with better research notes:
You mentioned God.

I said morality is decaying, the family construct is more messed up than ever, we have enabled selfishness and arrogance to go unchecked and tolerance of bad behavior is at an all time high. Meanwhile we are all trying to become better than everyone else and have our eyes glued to screens.

We can just continue to deny it and kick this down the road more. It's only getting worse.

What's wrong with trying to live a life like Jesus lived anyway? Christaphobia
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