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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Just checking in after 10 days at a health retreat - no coffee, no tea, no cigs, no pot, no booze, no chocolate, no biscuits, no cake, heaps of vigorous exercise - and no internet access. My body went crazy without all its familiar toxins. Finally off the nicotine gum too - that was easily the hardest thing.

I've been fed and tennised and massaged and facialed and bushwalked and swum etc within an inch of my life. I did a little pad work in my room - mostly singles, doubles and a few licks.

At the moment nico withdrawal I has left me with about 12 functioning brain cells until things (hopefully) settle down ... which is okay, I don't have anything mentally challenging on ATM.

Sorry guys - I'm still around ;-)
Sounds like the girl did good!

We're relieved actually. We don't like our Polanon going missing ;)

My random thought - Andy's happy after his health scare the other day. The daughter just landed a very minor part in her first feature film. Stars Judi Dench. Filming starts in two weeks time, she's at rehearsal & costume today. Due for release 1014! = proud dad!!!!!
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