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Default Re: To Port or not to Port...

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Hey Mary, I think you can find Yamaha logo heads on eBay pretty cheap - especially a 20. I say get one, and then put a hole in it. And try it out. You might like it, you might not. Shouldn't cost you more than $35.

I know, I said this before ;)
This is good advice. Have one of each and pic a fave or switch back and forth every now and then just for kicks. (geddit? kicks? ... erm ... groan)

I play enough shows where the kick is mic'd and don't want to rely on a house sound guy getting anything good off an unported head. Also, I'm just lazy enough to not want to switch them around all the time. My kit does not live at home so I prefer playing it to futzing around with it when we have our little conjugal visits.

Like I said, I didn't like it when I tried it the other night, but then again, my kick's a 24" with a PS3 batter and Ambassador reso. Reso probably should have had a felt strip on it and that probably would have not only damped some of the overtones (which I don't mind), but it might have helped with the bouncy action off the batter (I often like to bury the beater). So I just did the ol' shoulder-shrug and cut a hole in it. Still has a lot of tone since there's no other dampening (though admittedly, not as much) and the action off the head is more to my liking.
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