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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

I'm a little late to the thread but I have to compliment this site for the diverse group of folks here having such a rational discussion.

There are somewhere close to 300 million firearms in the US if you believe the statistics. (I think they are a little low based on production figures I've read.) Enough for almost every person to have one in this country. Restricting the supply in the future will do nothing. We can use Mexico as an example of how effective sweeping gun control in N. America is.

Removing existing firearms from their current owners would be a sure fire way to start another civil war in this country so no politician will touch that with a ten foot pole. So we are left with gun control being nothing more than a panacea for the emotionally charged constituents.

When terrorists took over airplanes and commited their evil acts we armed pilots, beefed up airport security, and expanded the air marshal program. These actions seem to have prevented further attacks, however the long term effectiveness remains to be seen one we leave the terrorists homeland.

Psychotics will always exist. They will find ways to do their evil deeds with or without firearms. The only realistic way to stop them is to identify and help them before they do their damage. If they aren't identified before they try to do an act of evil we need to make it difficult to find the time to do much damage before they are neutralized. The only way to do that it to have an on site response rather then waiting for the police to respond from across town.
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