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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

Unfortunately those hands are connected, however loosely, to some brains that have a disconnect or are medicated to the point that the person has trouble defining reality. This lady in Conn. mentioned to her friends that her son was drifting further away lately and she had a tough time getting through to him. Why in the hell then did she have weapons that he could access. Today in the news a 6th grader brought a handgun to school because he said his parents told him to for protection. He had a gun and ammo. These parents if this is true, need to spend a little time behind bars.

And here is another consequence of the shooting like other shootings, the conversation turns to gun control, and gun sales are up significantly since last weekend. Lack of Education, mental health issues and Psyco-tropic drugs are a big reason for all of this. The last 5 or 6 mass murders all had some issues they either had been or were being treated for. This whole thing is sad and an answer will be found, but only through calm, informed discussion.

On a side note I read yesterday that if the fore fathers indeed wanted us to have weapons, then all of them should be muskets of the type used during the writing of the Constitution.
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