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Default Re: Pic of me in the Sessions seminar!

Originally Posted by Paul Quin View Post
Hey Bermuda:

How could we not include a picture of you? That is the great Bruce Kulick, from Grand Funk Railroad and Kiss in the picture. The event in Seattle was great and we will be at NAMM in January and at MI the following week. Hope to see you there!

For anyone who has not been to The Session .. seriously, get yourself to one ASAP. If you have any desire to make a living making music, you need to attend one.

Here is some more info:

Just as an aside ... Paul Quin's part in The Sessions is of HUGE importance .. make sure you listen!

The whole event is free and you get to jam afterward. I played Superstition with Bruce Kulick .. and saw Bermuda's ten foot tall photo all in one day!! ;)
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