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Default Re: Another new (to the site) old guy( that old??)

Originally Posted by PremierLover View Post
Thanks for letting me join the site. I started playing back in the early 70's in the high school band. Met a few other instrument players there, tried to get something going, but usually never got off the ground. Played in a few "Legion" type bands in the late 70's/early 80's, but then the mortgage, kids and all that that entails happened, so, out-the-window went playing. Put my Premier set in storage for~30 years, and when the mortgage was paid, and the kids had moved out, I decided to get back into drumming. I've been jamming lately with a bunch of guys in the same boat (different instruments, though) and if we hold it together, maybe we can make a buck or two while having a bunch of fun.

Here's a couple pics of my one-owner Premier Resonator kit from the 70's (see also thread "Show Us your Premier kit" in the "Your Gear" section)
Love those old Premiers .. I bet they sound incredible.

RE: 55 is that old??? Ed Shaughnessy is still gigging and he is 83!
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