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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Conneticut Elementary School

Originally Posted by Boneybeaverbrother View Post
Look at Switerland, people walk around freely with rifles, men between the age of 20-30 are required to join the militia and are givin assault rifles to keep in there home, yet they don't have a high gun murder rate. It's not the guns, it's more to do with people with mental health issues getting there hands on guns or bombs.
Yes, in Switzerland we have our assault rifles at home, with munitions as well, but a murder involving a military gun is extremely rare indeed.

When you join the army (not by choice, mind you) you will be given your gun, however, it is closely monitored, and if the army think there's a possibility that someone could be a danger to themselves or to others, the army either don't give a gun or take it back.

I had an automatic assault rifle in the wardrobe in my bedroom for 15 years, it's for a much longer period normally, but I had to give it back when I left the country to live abroad. I kept it in that wardrobe though, it only got out when I had military duties to do (which I hated anyway)

It's not the guns that are problem, I agree, but guns in the wrong hands are a disaster waiting to happen, you need to find a solution for the hands, not for the guns.Which bring us back to the point raised by Mary...
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