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Default Re: My favorite sticks

I am sorry for the negative experience with the sticks. Can I ask where you got them from? Since the beginning of the year we have made some big changes to our manufacturing process. The sticks are now cut on centerless grinding machines as opposed to the back knife lathing process we originally had. This process makes more consistent sticks with lower moisture content bringing down the opportunity for warpage. The original design did warp quite a bit and is a problem that kept coming up. That is why we made these changes to try and improve the stick.

I would really like to hear more about these fell free to email me at

Thank you for speaking out.

Originally Posted by TheDrummer23 View Post
Man, I've used like every brand practically.

Right now I'm using 5B promark natual finish hickory.

But man oh man!!! Me and the guy rolled the sticks on the ground when picking out a pair and I've NEVER seen a pair of sticks bowed SO badly! He put them back in the little sleeve and they were bowing outward in a "Y" form.

I feel the 5B's are too heavy and the 5A's I break through.

I've been considering giving Vater a try again.
Good or bad expierences??

Another great brand I like is Silverfox.
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