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Default To Port or not to Port...

So here's my question: I have this brand new set of Yamaha Stage Customs (as some of you may have heard ;P) and I'm just wondering if I should consider putting a port into the bass drum. My old set had a port cut into it and it's the only way I've played a set so that's all I'm used to. Now with a smaller bass (went from 22" to 20") and a brand new Pearl 900 pedal, everything is so different...better, but's going to take a little getting used to a whole new feel.

So what's the advantage, disadvantage of a port? I'm not out gigging, etc so would it even do me any good? I guess I just really want to know the do's and don'ts and the when and when-not-to's of porting a bass. Either way , it's not something I would probably do for a while because I want to play the new kit as is and get used to it before making any changes but was just curious.

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