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Default Re: The Reverend

ahhhh yes, I see this thread and I'm finally convinced to actually make an account and make my own post, instead of just reading posts by everyone else.

Whatever the case, I need to start by admitting I'm a bit biased because I absolutely love A7X's music. However, if the drumming wasn't tasteful, I would absolutely hate it. As a musician in a band, he fits his drumming into the song VERY well instead of trying to show off his amazing skill. Which he still does a fairly decent job of anyways. A7X's songs are very well put together, something I can only HOPE to pull off someday in the future, which is still highly unlikely. They are all very skilled at what they do.

I'm listening to a live version of "Beast and the Harlot" right now. I've seen many amazing drum solos, videos, etc (my favorite is still benny greb's montreal one :D ) yet this still impresses me. And now that I've said all this, I must admit I'm not a huge fan of songs with very random beats. I prefer my songs to be catchy, instead of trying to show off technique and losing certain parts of musicianship (imho). My 2 cents.

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