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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

[quote=Dr_Watso;1085674]I don't need to see police-state checkpoints everywhere I go just so that I can feel slightly more secure that a rare thing might not happen to me if I give up just a bit more freedom. I don't need to be scattered with useless ionizing radiation or take off my shoes to get on a plane just because someone decided that they want to pretend I'm safer for it. I'm not. If someone wants to do something crazy like this, we aren't going to stop them by pretending we can secure every potential target or place people congregate.

If a private party wants security at their event, so be it. Let them pay for it. I do not need more in-effectual government stooges standing around scanning or searching everyone in public spaces. It wouldn't change anything. I/we certainly do not need to pay for

I am willing to take my chances and provide my own security, All I am trying to do is offer an alternative to passing more senseless laws or bans that do not do any good and violate my right and ability to defend myself.
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