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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
We had here,in this instance, a child with some social/mental issues known to the mother so how in the hell did he have access to her weapons ? this is the gun control we need. Too late in this case but for every accident or crime permitted with a weapon owned by someone else that is not secured should bring the wrath of the law on the gun owner.
I have been planning for months to buy a pistol for my home, that would never leave my home except for classes and target shooting at the local store, and since this event I have had to really think this over. However the latest group of shootings like this have all been by persons with social/mental issues. I have not changed my mind on ownership. Any law will be broken by any person with these issues. they don't care about the law.
Where do you draw the line on mental stability? For example, should someone diagnosed with clinical depression have their guns taken away - even if they have never committed any crime? I would tend to say yes, at least for their own safety, and even if they're being medicated for it. Gun ownership is a tremendous responsiblity and you really need to have each and every one of your marbles.

If we're going to look at issues of mental instability, then we need to be prepared to make some very hard choices about who may and may not own firearms.
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