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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

If everything mentioned just right here would be put into effect, it would slash the killings to a tiny fraction of what they were before. A multi faceted attack, with a plan to have the adults responsible for the kids, meaning the teachers and staff, easy access to non lethal and secured access to lethal weapons, (give them a big fat raise while you're at it) a mandate that any killers entire history is to be wiped from the books. Big fines and loss of reporting privilege for any media mention whatsoever of the villian himself, penalties for owning legal weapons that get used in crimes that are committed by someone other than the owner, equal to what the criminal would get, automatic weapons illegal everywhere except military and police.

For starters.

It's all about money though, who's gonna pay? The middle class, who else? All this stuff can be done, it just takes money and strong, quick acting leadership. Like flex some muscle here. Lip service ain't gonna cut it. Spend some money on THIS country. It would be nice if the guys like Zucherberg and Gates and Turner would and the other top 1%-ers would be required by law to donate a billion a year to combat this. It's the least they could do to give back from the land they profited so immensely from.

They need to free up the money they spend on the war on cannabis and use it on a war against mass killers instead.
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